Thursday, May 15, 2008

they be illin'

seems as if those around me have all been stricken by the plague this week.
Emma called me yesterday morn after an hour of school to tell me that she felt 'jittery and weird' and needed to come home.We talked about what she had for breakfast and determined that a granola bar & cinnamon toast crunch=too much sugar first thing in the morning. She drank some milk, ate a sandwich, and was generally fine the rest of the day. At home.
Bart had a wisdom tooth removed today and is home thru Monday. Bart rarely gets sick, so taking care of him is always a treat (he's not a good patient). He's not supposed to be left alone for 24 hours, or drive or do anything much at all. So he's out mowing the lawn. You try telling him he can't. I dare ya.
Evan has a severe case of the crabbies. Nothing that a few hours of sleep won't cure, but to Evan sleep is like torture. He hasn't learned the transformative properties of the nap yet.
Even the pets are getting in on the action. Savannah has a runny nose & has been sneezing. Unfortunately, our CVS was fresh out of kitty Dimetapp. Do cats get colds?
And I'm off to soccer practice.

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