Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday lazies

After spending everyday this week in either the basement or a garage, I'm glad to be hanging out and doing a whole lot of nothing much. And the sun is shining. Even better!

The garage sale went pretty well. I got rid of some junk and made about $300. I would have liked to have gotten rid of more junk, but the weather was not great and we were lucky to have any business at all on Friday with as crappy as it was on & off.
The best part was just shoving it all into the garage and shutting the door. There is a project that my dad wants to tackle before we touch any of the stuff, so we get to ignore it for about 10 days.

Evan slept over at a buddy's on Friday. A friend from soccer that he hasn't hung out with before. Amazing how quiet the house is without him.

2 soccer games yesterday. 2 losses. I was so frustrated. Evan's team played great, but didn't convert it into points. Emma's team was winning 1-0. The other team tied it up, and then Emma made a terrific goal. After 3 minutes the ref decided to rescind the goal because the other coach told him she was offsides. She may have been, but if the ref didn't see it and or call it, I don't think they should take it back. The other coach continued to play the offsides game-having his girls move 6 inches so that we would draw an offsides penalty. And he would announce it. By the time the game was over I was totally pissed off. I'm still not over it, can you tell? To me, that isn't how to play the game, or a  good example for the girls. Our coach talked to the referee mentor, and she even agreed that the goal should have counted. It's just a sucky set of circumstances.
We need to buy Evan a new chain for his bike. It somehow got broken last week. He was just riding it in the driveway. It's supposed to be a nice week and I want it fixed.
Also need to go to the pond store and ask why our pond is still so green. I've been treating the water for weeks and it should be clearing up some. The duck assault appears to be over. This week we have been under bunny attack. One day I opened the back door and I saw no less than 8 white tails flying out of the yard. Which reminds me, I need to respray everything after the rain yesterday. Stupid rabbits.
Have a great Sunday!!


Kache said...

That sucks about the soccer coach, what a loser.
Glad you made some money on the garage sale, especially with the weather.

Awww, bunny wunnies ;-)

SAR girls said...

$300 could buy a lot of yarn. Or scrappy stuff. Of more junk. ;)

That coach sounds like a big bonehead. Go Emma!