Tuesday, May 27, 2008

a little of this...

I hope everyone out in cyberspace had a nice, relaxing holiday weekend.
I  found myself either doing absolutely nothing or working my butt off on a chosen task at hand. Funny how that works. I think I was born without a regulator gene-one that let's you work just the right amount and quit without feeling guilt. Also missing is my time management gene. So true.
ANYWAY it was a lovely weekend at Chez Treiber. We did the requisite family bonding over yard work and bike riding (my rear still hurts) and in general had a good time.

Auto humor, provided by my husband. Dirt provided by Bushel Mart.
As you can see, we played in the dirt a lot. After careful consideration (i.e. 30 seconds) we decided it would be better to get a load of dirt than buy 500+ bags at Home Depot and lug them all home. My body is grateful for the decision, but we still have a huge pile of dirt to distribute around the yard, and Bart tends to get impatient about big piles of stuff.
And because we are gluttons for punishment, we moved and replanted a bunch of stuff in the garden, so even though we did accomplish a lot, it looks like we did nothing more than play with dirt. We may not be be winning any landscape awards, but damn if my garden doesn't look good.
Also did a lot of plant shopping. It was a good weekend in Northville for plant lovers-the Farmer's Market back to back with a plant sale for 2 days. Got some awesome heirloom tomatoes that I am hoping will knock my socks off, and some fun annuals. Most are planted, a few are trying to find their home still.
When we weren't slaving in the garden, we did fun stuff, like play cards, ride bikes (Did I mention my arse?), swim (the kids), sit in the hammock (me), watch Deadliest Catch endlessly, and go to the drive in to see Speed Racer. Fun was had by all.
Em & Ev cozying up to Uncle Greg at the drive in

I even felt a little sorry for them all as they went to school and work today.Only a little bit though.


Creative ADD said...

Sounds like work to me. But good family time. I'm sure your yard looks amazing.

knitting elephant said...

I do believe that gene problem is contagious. :-) Sounds like you had a good weekend overall!

SAR girls said...

A little work, a little play, alittle rest...Ahhhhh sound slike the perfect weekend!

Benita said...

Love the pic of your Hummer on the dirt pile, but it's just too clean! LOL Looking forward to seeing some pics of your yard.