Thursday, April 29, 2010

a week in the life- Wednesday

  • I was not motivated to do anything at all this morning! I hung out and watched 'Biggest Loser' from the night before and organized my knit patterns into binders.
  • a little online time, worked on my blog post, uploaded pics for printing.
  • vaccuumed the house, and straightened up. The floor still looked terrible so I decided it was time to haul out the steam cleaner and wash the floor.
  • 3 more loads of laundry. Where does it all come from?
  • Drove out to Barson's once again for pump parts. They didn't have any fish for sale yet because it's too cold still. I did buy some really cool plants that I hadn't seen or heard of before.
  • White Castle for lunch. I haven't had WC in forever, and I was starving so I broke down and pulled in. They were soooooo good!
  • Filled the tank at Costco. $2.73 per gallon.
  • Spent an hour weeding the garden. Unfortunately, the weeds keep coming back!
  • I fixed the pump!
  • Evan went to Joey's after school, Emma to soccer practice.
  • Print out more patterns and journaling cards for this scrapbook. Brought the printer up to the kitchen so I can do other things while I print. I'm so smart.
  • I am totally dragging by 5:00. I made an iced skinny vanilla latte for a late afternoon boost. It helps some.
  • cheese pizza and antipasta salad for dinner. We were hungry!
  • watched 'CSI Miami' and Modern Family with the kids. Cougar Town and Deadliest Catch afetr they went to their rooms.
  • It was a gorgeous day...mid 50's and sunny for most of the day. A beautiful full moon, a light breeze, and the gurgling of the pond make it perfection.

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Jan C. said...

Wow, I'd have been dragging too if I would have done all that stuff! Of course, my last three days all went pretty much like this: wake up, lie around in bed all day, try not to cough, sneeze, or laugh. lol--I much prefer your days to mine this week.