Monday, April 19, 2010

another outdoor season begins

What a difference 48 hours makes.
Thursday was our first outdoor game. Sunny and 85 degrees, and lots of "It's too hot to play soccer". Saturday was a different story. Overcast with occasional flurries, high of 43 and extremely windy. Welcome to spring soccer in Michigan!
Evan had a game in Brownstown; Emma in Wixom. I went with Evan. Sometimes I'm not so bright. I should have opted for her indoor game, much closer to home. I did not thaw out until Sunday.

The game was a rough one start to finish. Evan played in goal first half and made a dozen awesome saves. He didn't let any past him. In the second half the other team took the lead 3-1 and didn't give up another goal until right before the end. Unfortunately, we were one goal short.
On Sunday while we girls were at the baby shower, Evan had another game. The weather was not any better, and they played down a man and with no subs. (7 v 8 boys). And because I wasn't there, he scored 2 goals, one of them his first header goal!! Nice, huh? The team held tough and the game was a 6-6 tie.
He owes me another header goal!


sue said...

Congrats to Evan. It seems you have weather like we have here in Melbourne, windy and gray one day and cold and this week beautiful sunny skies!

Jen on the Edge said...

I don't mind soccer when it's cold, provided that I'm prepared for it. Still, I'm glad that it's nice here now. After the winter we had, I think we've earned it.