Sunday, January 10, 2010

Return of Fat Squirrel

Last week, as it was beginning the 'snowstorm of the year', one of the tasks at hand was making sure the feeder was full for the birds. They are always extremely active in snowfall, like they might not get another meal in a long time, so I like to make sure they have what they need. I also stuck a suet cake into the holder and threw it out there. Someone had been nibbling at in in the garage and it was making a mess.
It didn't take long for FS to notice the new feeder. And for my amusement, it's hung where he can reach it with a little stretching.
In this photo, FS is balancing on the head of a metal woodpecker with one foot, while his other foot is on the post behind him. He is on his toes. While he is holding on to the wire cage, he is swinging back and forth and almost in a circle (which then crosses his legs) while never letting go. I really need to catch this dude on video, because he is just so funny. The good news for him is that Buddy doesn't notice the squirrels too much anymore, so he has plenty of time to try and work his squirrel magic. The bad news is that he gets to be laughed at daily and photograped by me.


Jen on the Edge said...

Your photo is the very reason why I got rid of my bird feeders. With the exception of my specialized feeder for the finches and other small birds, I felt like I was merely feeding all of the squirrels in Virginia.

Jan C. said...

omg, that thing is humongous!