Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I have babies on the brain

You know how when you are in your twenties, and everyone you know starts getting engaged? Then you go through the period of attending several weddings a year. Wedding showers galore. The baby boom starts to hit, and all of your friends are having baby showers. One right after the other. And second babies are born, third babies. Your number of friend who are procreating starts to dwindle. You reach a place in your life where you are more likely to be invited to a graduation than a baby shower, or the showers are for kids of your peers.
So I find it sort of bizarre that this year I know 4 pregnant women. It hasn't happened in a long time! One just had her fourth child, a boy. Nicole is pregnant with her second baby, a son. Julie is pregnant with her sixth baby. And my sister-in-law Tracey is having her first, a boy as well. And coincidentally, they are all due right around the same time. It would be extra cool if Julie had a boy as well! (Although she has beautiful daughters!)
Add in the fact that I have been knitting vintage inspired baby items, and you have one 40 something year old girl who has babies on the brain! And I like it. I like that I can enjoy everyone else's bundles of joy and not be jealous that I'm not having one of my own. I am past all of that in this stage of my life.*
Emily inquired as to whether I had ever knit any soakers, so I gave it a try. A fun, quick little project! Look how cute they are!
I am totally going to make a ton of them and sell them in my shop! I want to make a bunch of newborn ones as gifts, too. They are just adorable. Love them. Wish I had used them when Em & Ev were babies.
Isn't this fabric scrumptious? I ordered it piece by piece on etsy, until I had enough to make something for my new nephew. Right now I am just enjoying looking at the colors, but soon I will start creating something special just for him.
I am working on another baby sweater, and then I owe the shop 3 more, so I have my work cut out for me! Time to start dyeing some more wool!

*But I am totally free to babysit! You might even find your baby coming home with a new handknit :)

OH p.s.!!! I have the best baby name of all time. Ace. Just listen to it; Ace Johnston. Tell me that name doesn't kick ass. Tracey & Greg want to name him something normal like Max, but I'll bet there are 10 Max's in his class that year! Ace will stand out. Ace is cool. Ace is everyone's friend.


Jan C. said...

Ace, eh? I was working at the high school bookstore today, and a freshman boy came up to say hi to us bookstore ladies. He was adorable. Said his first name was Rykyr. Apparently his dad was a huge Star Trek fan, and that's how they chose his name. I like the sound of it, but maybe not the double Y spelling.

Kelley said...

Hey, Max isn't as common as you would think. My Max has yet to have a kid in his class with his name. So back in 2001 it wasn't as popular. I like Ace but he may get called a not so nice name with it too like A**. Love those soakers-super cute! You should consign them in Emily's shop. You're knitting skills just keep getting better Sue!

sue said...

I love those soakers Susan, they look so adorable. It is nice when your friends have little babies, nice for cuddles and babysitting. Love those fabrics you bought too, so nice. I will have to take a peek at your shop too!

Nicole said...

Love the soakers Sue! I'll for sure be buying some for our little guy - let us know when you have them in your shop.

Everyone is changing their blog designs - I better get with it - yours is super cool!

Emily said...

Sue, they look great! I will need to buy 2, to test them out. I want to try one on Jack, and I want a friend of mine to test too, as she uses wool a lot, and I never have. Jack is 19-20lbs, I'll see what my friend will need. Both are for boys.

Julie L. said...

Sue, you have more talent than anyone I know with that yarn.... I always drool over your stuff. I'll be anxious to check out your shop when you get some of those soakers in there... but then I'm going to be asking for a matching hat and then... and then..

Thanks for the link btw-- very cool stuff. I can't wait to actually make money so I can buy all of this cool stuff.