Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hello, Gorgeous.

I had a 'girls day' with my favorite girl today. And while it didn't involve a trip to the spa or a fancy lunch, we still had some fun!

Em had a teeth cleaning appointment this morning and an orthodontic appointment this afternoon, so we decided it would be best for her to just skip school and hang out with me for the afternoon. I was able to get us a last minute haircut appointment too, so we spent the day zipping from one place to the next. Em got about 4 inches cut off and soft layers around her face. It looks fantastic and healthy and light. (she can't stop touching it)
I was pleasantly surprised that she let me take a 'before' braces picture. The spacers she had put in today are no big deal...yet. She's had some Tylenol but I'm sure by bedtime she'll have some discomfort. After her soccer game, that is. Stupid 8:00 games. So we're going to miss American Idol and the Biggest Loser. pbbbbth!
So now we have officially signed our lives away and must all stay healthy for the remainer of the year because our entire health care fund will be eaten up by her braces. Nothing like starting the year out in the hole!
Next time you see this smile, it will be perfect!


Jan C. said...

Gosh, she's so pretty! That's a great haircut for her face shape.

SAR girls said...

She's growing up fast, my friend!

Jen on the Edge said...

Oh my gosh, what a great hair cut. She looks gorgeous!

I feel your pain over the braces -- we'll be handing over sacks of money to the orthodontist soon too.