Sunday, January 24, 2010


Because we were too lazy yesterday, and yesterday was the nicer of the two day weekend, we failed to go to the Plymouth Ice Festival. Naturally. Instead, we popped over there today between soccer games to get a peek at the ice sculptures. Or what was left of the ice sculptures. It wasn't a pretty picture. Last year it was 5 degrees and fa-reezing. This year, rainy and 42. They didn't even last a day. So sad. And a total waste of an awesome parking spot. 15 minutes and we were outta there.
I loved this looks like Death on the downhill!
Here's a shot of Kellogg park and the mass destruction. There were supposed to be carvers here, but apparently they all gave up and headed to the bar. I would have.

A very few sculptures were weathering the day.
Look at her poor, tiny little mermaid arms!
Here's one for the Grandparents: Emma's braces! Can you see the barely surpressed growl she was giving me? "I don't care if my eyes were closed the first time. Go away." She's so sweet.

2 wins on the soccer field today! Evan scored twice, and his team played outstanding in the second game. It was good to see-been awhile since they clicked like they did :)

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Jen on the Edge said...

I've never seen ice sculptures like those before. Neat.

Emma's braces look great!