Friday, March 1, 2013

Pay it forward, part 4

I'm so behind on posting! February got the best of me this year. I really am so glad it's over.
Moving along!
I sent out my fourth creative pay it forward gift to my friend Jen. I instantly knew what I was going to make for her, since she posted about the wall of hearts on her blog. I noticed there weren't any knit hearts. After playing around with several different puffy heart designs, I decided that I liked the motif I had seen on an ornament. Then it was just a matter of finding the right yarn combos.

 The first yarns I chose (red & white) were all wrong. I hated the entire thing. I hated it too much to even frog it. I just pitched it in the garbage can. Then I chose a multicolor yarn & a cream. They were better suited to one another. I took my time on the stranded portion, and it was much better the second time around.
I bought the kitchen canister from IKEA. It's red & has a lid, or you can use it to store cooking utensils. Maybe a little candy :)
ANYWAY, word is that Jen likes it, which is all that matters. I hope it brings a smile to her face every time she enters the kitchen.

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Jen on the Edge said...

I do love it, I do! Now you're going to have to come down here and see it in place. :-)