Saturday, March 2, 2013

A couple of quickies

One thing I have wanted to knit for myself was a simple cowl that I could wear with just about anything. 2 weeks ago I found the softest alpaca yarn, and decided to whip one up. No, really. It took me one evening to make this!
Quite possibly, the easiest thing I've made.
 Then we have the hat.
I bought this crazy pink puffy coat in the fall. Love it, but nothing matches it.
I found this skein of Crazy Zauberball yarn, and fell in love.
The hat is super easy as well, mostly stockinette stitch. The color transitions are very pretty. The hat is lightweight and slouchy. It's perfect.
I posted this pic on Facebook, because Evan said I looked like a dork in my hat. Not only did everyone disagree, one friend wanted one just like it, and another friend wanted the cowl! So I did both of these projects times 2. And make a quick couple of bucks for my effort!


Jen on the Edge said...

I too think that both the cowl and the hat are terrific. And I bet that if you were to whip up more and list them in your Etsy shop, they'd be snapped up pretty quickly. ;-)

Benita said...

Love the cowl & you do not look like a dork! Boys! How much are you selling the cowls for? I'd be interested in buying one :)