Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Manifesto 2012

My kids are out of school this Thursday, which got me to thinking...what should we do this summer? Evan will be going to a tournament & soccer camp. Emma will have driver's training, girl scout camp & cross country training. But what should we do together, as a family? I decided to follow Ali's lead and make a summer manifesto. Then I'm gonna put it all together in a scrapbook.

1. Go to the drive-in
2. pick strawberries
3. have a bonfire every week
4. go to the beach
5. walk. lots.
6. go to a Tigers game
7. make homemade pickles
8. go to the farmer's market every week
9. knit 5 pairs of socks
10. visit friends
11. water balloon fight
12. read 10 books
13. play with Evan
14. redecorate one room
15. do something unexpected

Some of the things I've already started (drive-in, bonfire, knitting, books) and others I haven't. But there is plenty of time. I've thought of a few other things too, but most are 'just me' things, so I didn't include them. Or I can choose to include them later.
Let summer begin!


Jen on the Edge said...

This is an awesome idea. Now I need to start thinking about what we're going to do.

seekingsanitysomewhat said...

I posted about this exact thing last week! LOL. We even have similar items. :)