Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Project life: week 20

Welcome to week 20. I can't believe I had enough photos to fill a spread for this week, and the next several. It's not easy to take, edit and select photos when your vision is so crappy! This week I had the additional story of my diabetes diagnosis to add to the mix.
Full spread:
 Left side:  2 CZ templates, An AE template, washi tapes, & 7 Gypsies stickers (I'm determined to use all of these dang stickers!). 
 I used a Bananafish Studio tab and stitched it here.
 Right side: Nisa Finn journal card, Heidi Swapp label, and I don't remember for sure where the other stuff is from. It's really old.
 A photo from the last game of the season. Sadly, this will be the last time they will all play together. Sniff.

 Bart took Evan to see MIB3 in 3D, and then we went to the drive in. Love when they cooperate and let me take photos!
Week 21, up next!

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