Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Project Life

I am such a sucker.
I will jump on any bandwagon, especially those that involve buying new stuff.
It's all Nicole's fault.
I have been able to resist buying all the latest and greatest scrapbooking supplies. 5 years. That's how long it's been since I've scrapped. I miss it, and yet can't picture myself putting the time into the hobby that I used to.
Already this project is stressing me out, because I came late to the party and all the good stuff is gone. I ordered the Clementine core kit. Because I need something new and pretty to get the mojo flowing.
I don't have the page protectors. I don't have the monthly dividers. I don't have the album. What I do have is a room full of stuff I haven't used in far too long. For me, this project will be about using what I have and getting reacquainted with scrapping.
And in February I can have the page protectors and dividers and journal cards.
Wish me luck!


Erica said...

I am super happy you're scrapping again!

Nicole said...

Dude! You are blaming me too? :) I'm so so excited you are playing along. I offered to Emily and I'll offer to you too - if you want some Design A page protectors to hold you over until February, I'd be happy to share. Plus it'd be an excuse to grab a coffee and chat. :)