Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project Life: week 3

Welcome to week three of Project Life.
This week has been a busy one. In addition to doing PL, I was also finishing up all the crafts for my 'Make Something 2012' project. I had so much fun making things for my friends, that I will probably do it again before the year is up. HINT HINT*

I didn't plan on having a 6x12 page this week, but with the MS pics, I didn't have enough room to fit it all in otherwise. Funny, how I start the week off thinking I won't have enough pics and by the end of the week I'm struggling to get them all on there!
This week I also included my Bunco card, a 'hello life' graphic from Ali, and a quote that I found on Pinterest.
I also used one of Cathy's tiny templates for my NOT A TYPO block. I really like these and know I will use them every week.
I also dug thru the mounds of stuff I have and found some journaling blocks, rub ons, and many other little bits of things I want to use.
I had absolutely nothing to put on the backside of the 6x12, so I highlighted my favorite photo of the week.
I made the mosaic using Big Huge Labs mosaic maker and just put it into my document. It's starting to get easier to make all the digital elements. I love them!
ps. If you are on my recipients list, be expecting a package in the next few days!

*my 600th blog post is coming up soon. On that day, I will make something for the first 5 people who leave a comment on this blog. Keep an eye out!


Nicole said...

Man, you are on the ball with your crafty project. Go you! I love your 6x12 page and those Tiny Templates, might have to get some of those too.

Jan C. said...

So do you have a large format printer handy, or how are you printing out the 6 x 12 journaling pages? I am just getting started on PL for the first time, and it's taking me forever! I wasn't planning on doing it until a couple of weeks into January, so my first pages were sparse on photos. Now I'm going around taking photos of such odd stuff that my family roll their eyes every time I get the camera out. Comical.