Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project Life: week 2 {I'm still here!}

I finally finished off week 2 and was able to photograph it before it got too dark outside. Go me!
The whole spread. Astute viewers may ask, "Is that a french fry bag?" And the answer would be yes, it is a french fry bag. Why? Because I like it.
As you can see, this week I broke out some embellishments. And my sewing machine. I created two 6x12 layouts again this week, for more storytelling.
I really love these page protectors, and working with little canvasses. They are perfect for Instagram pix and little decorations.
So far this project is the bombdiggity. Even if the people at Costco think I'm crazy for ordering 67 cents worth of photos at a time.


Erica said...

YOU are the bomb diggity :) This is looking awesome (and I dig the fry bad too :)

Nicole said...

YOU are the bombdiggity! Love it, especially the french fry bag. That would be a cute place to tuck in a journaling card. :)