Monday, June 21, 2010

a summer day with the Torm's

Today the three of us went to visit my friend Sharyn and her kids. In all the times I've gone to hang out with them, the kids have never gone with me (Em went once for a super quick visit but didn't meet all the kids). I thought they would enjoy meeting new faces and the change of pace at the Torm's.
They had a great time! Evan & Alan were fast friends, promptly bonding over basketball, unicycles, and sister tormenting.
Wendy & Emma chatted the afternoon away.
Both kids enjoyed the tree swing, the car wash, and climbing trees.
And water balloons.

Brian catching big air in the moon shoes

Al had Evan spinning so was hilarious

not quite steady on the unicycle! He needs another week :)

Did I mention water baloons? Al & Evan ganged up against Em, Wendy, Mark & Brian. Mark defeccted to the boys team while the girls picked up a neighbor friend. The balloons were flying. Sharyn & I managed to not get wet (I don't know why they never thought to gang up on us, but they didn't).
A fun time was had by all! I had to practically drag Evan out of there, and he didn't want to go in the first place!
Thanks Torms!


Jan C. said...

Totally jealous! Looks like you had a terrific day.

Brooke S. Rochon said...

Sounds like a wonderful start to a great summer!