Wednesday, June 16, 2010

soccer tryouts

Anyone with kids who try out for travel soccer teams know how stressful the whole tryout weekend can be. No exception here. I did think this year was going to go pretty smoothly, with both kids on established teams. Last Wednesday, Emma's new coach offered all the girls a spot on the team adn I thought they were all going to stay. That was the plan.

Things rarely go according to plan.
Evan's group had 30 kids tryout for the 2 existing teams of 11 or 12 kids. Last year they barely had enough for the 2 teams! The directors decided to add a third team. They are looking to next year when they want to transition the boys to 11v.11 and will need a 16 person roster. What I didn't count on was that they were looking to shake up the teams, which is exactly what they did. 3 boys were brought up from the swoosh team, so 2 boys had to go down as a result. It's sad to lose your players, your friends. Luckily, Evan was offered a spot on the Nike team. Now he will just have to work hard to prove that he wants to be there.
Unfortunately, the drama didn't end there.
Many girls decided at the last minute to go to other clubs and other teams, so our guaranteed team all of the sudden only had 7 girls. Things were looking bleak until Monday, when our coach decided to combine our girls with the U15 girls (who were experiencing the same thing) and make one team. What this means is that Emma (who was playing up already) will be playing up again, against 15 year old girls. And we may not play at all in the spring, when high schoolers are trying out for their high school teams.
Some of the 15 yr. olds didn't want to play with 13's, so many of them left. As of right now, I have no idea how many are on the team. I will find out in about an hour, at registration.

Because I am the co-manager.
Insane. Wish me lots of luck, cause I'm gonna need it!
ps. Congrats to my kids. You guys are awesome!


~jan said...

So much drama. Better you than me, my friend.

Jan C. said...

omg, you ARE insane. But good luck. Remember: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! ;-)

Jen on the Edge said...

Ahhh, the insanity and drama of soccer. I'm glad we have the summer off. :-)