Friday, June 12, 2009

can someone tell me how this happens?

Yesterday, as I was getting ready to sit down and edit some more photos, 
I lift up my foot and see this.
It's not a bruise. It's a stain of some sort.
There is nothing squashed on the floor anywhere, and I don't have any berries in the house even. Nothing squashed out on the patio either.
Nothing squashed inside the shoes i was wearing.
I showered yesterday and the day before.
It a mysterious purple blotch on my foot.
I scrubbed it last night and it faded, but it's not gone.
Where in the hell did it come from???


Emily said...


Jen on the Edge said...

Could it be dye from a wool project?

Erica said...

Are you wearing Christmas jammies?


I vote for dye too. How often do you check the bottom of your feet? Me...hardly ever.