Tuesday, June 2, 2009

another reason to love Apple

Yesterday afternoon I spent several hours editing and cropping the pictures from our girl scout camping trip. I got them just right, and put in a disc so that I could burn them.
Then it went to hell in a handbasket.
I kept getting some weird thing going on, where it said that my disc (brand new) was full to 938mb (it only holds 700) when my photos total were under 600mb.
So I divided it into 2 events, and proceed to burn to disc.
And the last 75 pix disappeared.
Normally, I would panic. Big time.
But I have complete faith in the Genius Bar.
I made my appointment this morning, explained my problem, and Zack fixed it right up. Well, it took about an hour until he was satisfied that all his tricks worked, but they did.
Just by owning a Mac and visiting the Genius Bar, I saved myself about 24 hours of grief and panic.
I lost all my changes, so I have to go back and edit and crop them all again, which I will do happily.
Just as soon as I back everything up.

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Nicole said...

Glad you got your pics back. Thanks for the backup reminder!