Friday, April 24, 2009

it must finally be spring!

y'know how I can tell?
tiny, delicate green leaves popping thru the buds on the trees
frogs singing at night
my magnolia is almost open
the lilacs will soon follow
Buddy drifting around the yard for longer periods of time
open windows
papers all over the floor from the open windows
frog eggs in the pond
warm one day, freezing the next
outdoor soccer practice
flourescent orange barrels on every roadway
one lone daffodil in my yard

The boys are packed and ready to go as soon as Ev comes home from school. I am a little bummed to be missing his tournament after his performance last weekend, but we do have another child and she also has games this weekend and french horn lesson numero uno. I'm thinking the guilt would kill me. Not to mention another 4+ hour ride in the car. I won't miss that on tiny bit. So it's a girls' free-for-all weekend!
Have a great one!


bt said...

Go Aresenal!

SAR girls said...

Love your magnolia photo-it was my mom's favorite tree and I always think of her when I see them!

Benita said...

So jealous of your Magnolia! It's beautiful!