Saturday, April 25, 2009

girls weekend

well, girls' weekend is turning out...ODD.
After returning home from visiting my brother & stepdad last night, Emma cleaned her room. And then went to bed and didn't say anything to me.
This morning she called a friend to sleep over. She couldn't. Em wouldn't call anyone else. Decided to stay mad about it.
French horn lesson was great. Soccer game was good, until the last minute. She got mad at one of her teammates because she didn't pass the ball to Emma. Emma decided to take it personally and get all mad . Decided to stay mad about it.
Came home, barely speaking to me. Won't shower even though she is muddy ("Why bother").
Climbed in bed and is asleep. At 5:30.
So it looks like no friends over, no going to the movies, no ice cream, no fun.
Not what I expected at all.


SAR girls said...

Im sorry your girls weekend isnt turning out the way you planned!

Chin up, Emma!

Kathy said...

Word, paperdiva--- I followed you over from Jen on the Edge.

As far as teens are concerned, giving them all the rope they need to securely experience and 'own' their moods is probably the greatest luxury we afford them, don't you think?... And the best part is, they'll inevitably pay the same gift forward to their own teens someday.

Hey, I really like what you did with the cake dyes! I've toyed with the idea of dyeing yarn... but I'd always assumed that it was a process that involved handling toxics. Your yarn is lovely!


Swine flu silver sol said...

hey'll inevitably pay the same gift forward to their own teens someday.