Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hi from Cinci!

I had no time yesterday to ever turn on the computer! Between returning the rabbit, dropping off the dog, and checking on Papa Jim, we were hustling to get out the door!
We made it to Cinci, for Evan's soccer tournament.
Let's see, it's 9:30 and it's already been a full morning!
-woke up at 5:45 for the first game. I use 'woke up' loosely, because I never went to sleep. I dozed on & off but never realy slept. I'm a little on the tired side.
-had an entire cup of coffee dumped on me by my daughter on the soccer field.  One very trashed white sweatshirt, one very soaked captain's chair, one very wet pair of underpants = one very unhappy Mom.
-we won the first game, 8-3 (I think). Evan scored 2 goals & played almost the entire game.
-Just for added fun, I started my period too. Nothing like menstruation + porta potties.

Our next game is at 1:40. I am going to bed.
It's a beautiful Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue! I left another comment somewhere else on your site, but maybe it was an older one, not sure if you would see it or not? Nice site! The subject matter is not my kind of thing, though. :) What do you make of Adrays closing? I've been gone from there for since 1996. Good thing, huh? :)

I don't know if this posting will work or not? But, if you see it and want to drop me a line sometime, send it to


SAR girls said...

Get the heck outta Ohio, my friend! ;)

Day Trading Mastery said...

Hey buddy, whats this about? I have never heard it neither I knew that story. I think I had to shape it out and find out how it is. Hope the drink tastes good.

Day Trading said...

Interesting! Thought I was slow. Good to know others didn't get immediately!