Monday, March 16, 2009

things I hate #413

Dear random neighbor,
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for not cleaning up your leaves this past fall, like the rest of us. I knew that yesterday was going to be a boring day, sunshine and all. You cured my boredom!
I was wondering why I wasn't seeing any green sprouts poking up through the ground, and that's because your plethora of leaves mucked up my garden and hid them from view. I thoroughly enjoyed digging out their delicate green souls. It was like a little surprise party!
Did you know how much I enjoy raking? You must have sensed my joy as I was cleaning out my flower beds. Again. I can never rake them out enough.
How thoughtful of you to just let your leaves blow away and pile up in other yards. I only wish I knew exactly which one of you was responsible, and I would properly thank you.
Suck it,


knitting elephant said...

Are you sure we aren't neighbors? We have some of the same people in our neck of the woods. :-)

Jen on the Edge said...

Yeah, I'm thinking you might live on my old street. How could we have never met each other?