Monday, March 23, 2009

adding insult to injury

Ev hurt himself playing sports this weekend.

It was a very sporty weekend for him. In addition to 2 soccer practices, he had 3 indoor games, one flag football birthday party, and harassed his dad into throwing the football with him at least twice. He took several hard body slams on the soccer field, as well as numerous tackles playing football.
But which sporting event left my tough guy begging for pain reliever and a heating pad?
This is the culprit...
First of all, he was beside himself on Saturday afternoon, because he couldn't believe he wasn't instantly good at a video game. (Now he knows how the rest of us feel). So he got up extra early Sunday morning to play uninterrupted for as many hours as he could. My guess is he logged at least 3 hours before the rest of the family woke up.
This morning he came in to tell me that it hurt to move his arm. He tried to play a little bit before school but it was too painful.  I gave him some Motrin and suggested he not play football at recess today. The look he gave me in return would have been appropriate had I told him to chase and kiss girls during recess.
After school he got another dose of Motrin and a heat wrap on the affected area. And some ribbing from me.
This is the kid that never wants to take no for an answer. All three of us will poop out long before he does, at any sport. This is the kid who tried to get me to throw the football with my left arm when my neck was hurting from throwing too much with my right arm last summer.
Done in by a video game.
Ya gotta love the irony.


sue said...

I cant help but laugh as my partner who played many many games of baseball when he was younger attempted to play a baseball game on Wii and hurt his shoulder and couldnt move for quite a few days until it felt better. He now takes it a bit easier when trying to do outdo the game.

Jen on the Edge said...

I've heard those Wii games are INTENSE. :-)