Thursday, January 17, 2013

pay it forward, creatively!

I signed up again this year to do a creative pay it forward, where you make and send a little something to 5 people, and then those people are supposed to do the same thing, It's a nice way to brighten someone's day, and you feel really good in the process!
This  year's recipients are Jan Connair, Lisa Kemp, Cari Brennaman, Regan McDonald, Stacey Bogert, Jen Brecht, & Jennifer Hignite. Yes, I realize this is 7 people. I have a hard time saying no :)

I sent out my first 2 packages. This is the first!

Topiary beanie from weekend hats
for Jan Connair.

I love the lace motif on this hat, and it is gathered in the back so that it slouches just perfectly on your head. I overdyed the yarn, to make the pattern stand out more. The yarn took the dye oddly, so it's greener in some places, and there is a purple tinge in there as well. WTF? I used a dark teal dye, and am baffled as to why it came out unevenly.
The hat looks a different color in all 4 photos. Sigh. The last is the closest representation of what it really looks like.
It's a beautiful hat, but next time I won't screw around with the color. Kind of bummed me out.
Anyway, it's done and in Jan's hands!


Jen on the Edge said...

Fun! I'm looking forward to getting my package at some point in 2013. :-)

Benita said...

Drats, I missed the sign-ups :( That is so cute! The receiver is going to LOVE it!