Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Create something!

Y'all know I love making stuff.
The only way to combat the torture that is January, I plan to make lots of things.
First up, I made this frozen birdseed wreath.
Super simple, used products I had on hand.
Naturally, it's decided to warm up a few degrees since I hung it up. I hope the birds find it before it totally melts.

I got the idea from Pinterest, and here is the link to the original recipe. If you haven't signed up for Pinterest yet, what are you waiting for?? All the coolest ideas can be found there.
Sadly, I had no cranberries, and there weren't any at the grocery store. I will definitely do this again next year, with the berries. The berries make it pretty. I don't think the birds care one way or another.
What are you making today?

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