Tuesday, January 15, 2013

13 in '13

My friend Jen blogged about goals the other day
so I thought "I should get some of those".
After a few minutes many hours of careful consideration,
I decided that I have two goals this year.
For right now, anyway.

1. Knit 13 pair of socks in 2013. This should be a fairly respectable challenge for me. I know that it's possible to do, but still a lofty goal. I have no less than 4 socks waiting for partners, so I'm already well on my way. I am going to knit thru the massive stash of sock yarn that I own.

2. Run the entire 5K. October 20,2013. If I can't run the whole thing by then, I never will be able to. Plenty of time to train. Plenty of time to breathe. Plenty of time to find my groove.

There are also things like 'I want to lose weight' and 'I want to spend less money' and "cook yummy things" that I plan to do but I'm not calling them goals. If I keep up running, I will lose weight. If I knit from my stash, I will spend less money. If I meal plan, I will spend less money. All beneficial side-effects of the original goals.

Keeping it simple.


Jen on the Edge said...

I love your goals.

Here's a thought: I'll come up in October and run that 5K with you. I really will, if you want me to.

Benita said...

You can do it! I wanna run/walk some 5K's this year, too. Need to get my butt in gear & start training, I guess.