Thursday, January 20, 2011

week one, done!

Today marks one week since I began radiation therapy.
The treatments are going well...they take hardly any time at all (that is, unless they want to do a bunch of films. Why they need to take so many films is beyond me. I'm sure by the time I'm finished there will be a whole drawer of stuff just about me) and the biggest part of my time is spent driving to and from the cancer center.
My techs are really nice and always greet me with big smiles.
The radiation itself is completely painless. I am starting to experience some of the side effects. My skin looks like it has a slight sunburn and feels a bit tight. I've also had some hard-to-describe pain. It could be from the internal healing and scar tissue. It could be from my monthly cycle. It could be from the radiation. I know that no matter what I do and how careful I am, some of it is to be expected. After all, I have to wear my breasts all day. They are going to bump into things and whatnot. I have to learn to not flop over at night. That's my worst habit.
So, only 5 more weeks to go!


Sue said...

Oh I hope everything is good and well after the radiation therapy. My FIL had to have that when he was fighting cancer and never liked the radiation treatment. He said the chemo was better to handle for some reason.

Erica said...

one week closer to health - go you!

Nicole said...

You are one strong cookie, Sue. I think about you a lot and hope your treatments continue to go smooth and as pain-free as possible. ((hugs))

Jen on the Edge said...

Is there anything you can put on your skin to help with the sunburn effect?