Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting radiation is just like going to the tanning booth

Except I am laying on my stomach in a weird position
and I didn't put on any suntan lotion
and my arms are numb from holding them over my head
and I'm not wearing funny goggles
and there isn't a fan blowing warm air over me
and my skin isn't golden brown.

Turns out radiation is nothing like going to the tanning booth.
1 down, 29 to go.


Jan C. said...

It would be awesome if they'd pipe in music and let a fan blow warm air over you! Do you think they'd laugh VERY much if you brought eye protection in next time you came and just pretended? I mean, why not?

TreeCityKnitter said...

Maybe you could put on some cocoa butter next time so at least you smell like you have been to a tanning booth :)

Jen on the Edge said...

Maybe you should wear your bathing suit and flip flops and bring a cooler of Coronas. :-)

Sharyn said...

you're getting there!!