Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! v.10

Happy Halloween!
Another fun year of trick or treating in the AP with Greg & Tracey...and little Max too!

Evan the bull rider. He dressed as a hippie at school on Friday, but I love this costume.
Angel and devil. Seriously, she ate 2 pairs of devil horns.
Max looking good in his skeleton suit :)
Max, Greg & Emma

Looking very angelic...
Max did not want to sit on the Great Pumpkin. Poor Binkster.
Bart came out of the house dressed to kill. Literally.
Time to re-fuel with a little True Blood!

Emma didn't trick or treat...she was all about walking around with Lola. They were going to dress the same, but Lola really did eat 2 pair of devil horns, so at the last minute Em pulled together the angel costume. They were very cute. I still can't believe she didn't get one piece of candy. I take that back...she ate from Aunt Tracey's bucket but didn't get any of her own. Brat. That means I don't get to raid her stash.

Good thing Evan had a large bag.


Jan C. said...

lol, love Evan's costume. And that picture of baby Max is totally adorable.

We had a record no. of trick-or-treaters in our cul de sac last night, but no one as adorable as that!

Jen on the Edge said...

Great photos!