Friday, April 12, 2013

Sock experiment 2

Since sock experiment #1 was so successful, my BFF and I decided to do another one.
The first pattern I chose was very fussy. I knit almost an entire sock before I decided that I loathed it. So I scrapped that sock.
I decided upon Yarnissima's Slingback pattern (I've been wanting to knit it for a long time) and I decided to do it in this lovely Smitten Stricken yarn that I got in the Cookie A. sock club last year. It is more purple in person than it is in the photos. Lovely, lovely yarn. I really loved it.
We had the entire month of March to work on it.

 The first sock was a little tricky; this pattern is a toe up and I never do toe ups. But I figured it out, and then was moving right along. The second sock gave me fits. I don't know what happened, but by the time I got to that criss cross in the middle, my counts were off. I tried to tink back and fix it, and ended up ripping out the whole thing. Heartbreaking. So I've now actually knit this sock 3 times.

 My Bff Heather is a big old cheater. She came to visit me St. pat's weekend, and she was all finished with my pair. AND she came bearing other gifts, all so she could say she kicked my ass. And she did.
This was the pair I got in return. Awesome doesn't even begin to describe them. I love them so much. If you can't tell, there are owls all over them. With beaded eyes. I told you she kicked my ass!

I love my socks. Love love  love!

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