Wednesday, May 23, 2012

soccer girl

Tomorrow is the last game of Emma's freshman season.
Even though they didn't have a very winning season, there was quite a bit of good soccer. We all know the final score doesn't always tell the story of the game. Many games they dominated the entire 60 minutes, but lost by one lucky shot by the opponent. 
I'm a little sad to see it end.
Emma has become so confidant and strong. I love to watch her play. 
Here's a few shots during a game last week...

This one makes me laugh because this girl was all up on Em, and she was fed up. So when number 4 knocked her over, she screamed loudly. Like, startlingly loud. We were all "Who's kid is that??" After the game, she told us she did it on purpose, because the ref was making terrible calls and she wanted to make sure he heard/saw her get fouled. Hilarious.
I'm so excited to see what happens for her next year!

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Jen on the Edge said...

Your girl is awesome. I'm glad she had a great season, even if the wins column didn't always reflect it.