Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Emma's room redeux part 2

Here's the stripped down bare floor

Bart and my dad laying down the underlayment

Working across the room
Working in the closet
The finished floor
Evan & I went to his soccer game in the morning and by the time we came home, Bart & Emma had ripped up the carpet, pad and staples. Time to do the hard work!
The underlayment was tricky to work with. It is basically a moisture barrier, and only has one sticky edge on it. The trick is to lay it down and not overlap it, or to have any wrinkles, which was nearly impossible considering we had to walk on it.
Bart, Greg & my Dad started in front of the closet, alternating long & short boards, marking what needed to be cut. Emma was the runner, running pieces out to Bart's Dad who was manning the circular saw. I watched for awhile, and then Bart let me do the majority of the room. For anyone who knows my husband, this is a big deal. He never relinquishes control, and I usually just stand around. Not on this project! Of course he came back and finished it off and did the closet, but I was happy that I got to do some of the work too!


Jen on the Edge said...

What a beautiful floor. Nice work, team!

Nicole said...

woah baby! I love the floors - especially the dark finish. So pretty! Nice work Sue! I hope you are sharing the final after. :)

BT said...

Where's the money shot? Bed and rug in place....

Jan C. said...

Love the new floor. As they say on HGTV, the dark hardwood really grounds the space. :-)

I predict that next Emma will start lobbying to get rid of the vertical blinds. They are soooooo 1980. I know this because my mom still has them on her sun porch, and because they look more modern than the fixtures in my 1970s house, lol.