Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Reveal...Emma's room

Sorry to keep you waiting for the 'money shot' as my husband so lovingly called it. Between cloudy, rainy days,and teen messiness, the room was not suitable for photographing.
Here is the finished room!
The blinds will be replaced soon, hopefully. Emma keeps looking at curtains. She likes the expensive ones, naturally.
The rug took over a month to arrive, because Pottery Barn kept sending the wrong color. Like 3 times. Every time they messed up, Bart would call and they'd offer another discount. Hey, we like discounts!

The floor photographs very dark, but there is a lot of tonal variation throughout. I really like the dark wood...the main problem being dog hair. I vacuumed the room to take this photo and already I can see white hairs all over.
Lola thinks the rug is cozy! It's perfectly placed in a late day sunbeam :)
Thanks for all the kind words about our DIY project!

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Jen on the Edge said...

What a great room! So bright and cheery. I'm glad you kept the E wall.