Friday, September 23, 2011

This kid had a birthday and I didn't blog about it

The first few weeks of school have been kicking my butt, as usual. Add in soccer games, practices, tournaments, and open houses and I have been a scattered mess.
This week there has been a little more time to breathe. Next week will be better.

So anyway, my beautiful baby turned 14 on Sunday. I was with her in Lansing at a soccer tournament (naturally) while Bart was with Evan in Dublin, Ohio for a tournament (naturally). It was actually a pretty good day, considering. She started the morning with a raspberry turnover from Grand Traverse Pie Company (a favorite) at the crack of dawn. She scored a goal (the game winning goal, it turns out) in her game. We drove around the campus of MSU for awhile so she could see it. Totally deserted. weird. It was 10:30, NOT 8:30. We wanted to go into the SBS but it doesn't open until noon. That's how I can tell I'm getting old; being incensed at how things are done. Seriously, noon? I'm sure I was out and about before noon on Sundays.
So we went home and rested and watched tv and snuggled with Lola. Took her to the park. Waited for the boys. We wanted to get sushi for dinner but Koji was closed so we ended up at Poole's tavern. Another favorite. No complaints :)

She is turning into such a fun and wonderful young woman. You'll probably never meet another 14 year old who begged for hardwood flooring for her birthday (and got it). We have some good conversations. She takes her studies very seriously. 14 looks like it might be a little sassier than 13, which was plenty sassy to begin with. I'm hoping it's a phase. Otherwise, this kid is practically perfect in every way. Love love love.


Sharyn said...

Happy 14!!! So - who is she going to homecoming with??

Julie L. said...

happy birthday, emma!

Jen on the Edge said...

Happy birthday to your girl and happy birthing day to you!