Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First day of school wrap up

It was a quick one...the kids only had half a day. Ridiculous.
Evan is in seventh grade this year. Overall, I think he's happy with his schedule. We all got a surprise in that he was placed in Advanced Math after being told his grades weren't enough to keep him in. Band, AR, History, French, Science, ELA & Painting round out his schedule. Painting? He was aiming for rocketry.
Emma is in ninth grade. She also likes her teachers and classes. Right off the bat her biology teacher tried to discourage freshmen from being in the class. We're hoping that isn't the tone for the whole year. She knows it's going to be hard. She's willing to work. We've got the driving situation worked out. No homework the first day. Things are good.

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Jen on the Edge said...

Cute photos. I'm glad things are starting off well.