Thursday, August 4, 2011

five good things : July 2011

It's time for another installment of five good things, where I name at least 5 things that happened in the last month that were pretty cool. On a day to day basis, sometimes this feels like an impossible task. It's been hot hot damn hot, and humid this month, making we want to crawl into a hole until October. So here goes!

1. Segwaying thru Chicago on the 4th of July. Chicago is awesome, and what could be more awesome than riding a Segway around the city for two hours? Nothing.Nothing is cooler. If you are ever visiting a city and they offer a Segway tour, take it. It's worth every penny. And it's fun. And your kids will love you.
2. Cousins that visit for 10 days.
3. Inappropriate pictures on your camera. Always good for a laugh.
4. Construction on the pergola is making progress! It's going slow, but some forward progress has been made. Hopefully by the end of summer it will be all done and we can enjoy some lovely shady afternoons in the back yard.
5 .Hello, lover. Completely out of the blue, Bart bought me a brand new MacBook Air. It is lovely. It took me a week to get all of my photos and files off my old one (which now belongs to Evan), and I am enjoying playing with this new beauty more each day. Bart Rocks!!
6. A ripe tomato in July! I haven't had one in a few years. It's small, but nothing beats a homegrown tomato for flavor.

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Sharyn said...

I laughed more than once during the reading of this post. LOL