Tuesday, June 7, 2011

yummy and quick summer treat

The last week has been so ridiculously hot, I haven't felt like drinking any hot bevvies. But a girl needs her caffeine (as evidenced by my ever present headache of late). I remembered I made these yummy little frap knock-offs while I was in Florida. Very good, very cheap, and you can have it NOW!
All you need is :
a blender
Starbux Via
flavoring or sugar
For Christmas I got this wonderful Cuisinart compact blender, and we use it for everything. It's perfect for making a quick smoothie. Or whipped cream. Or pesto. Today we are making a frappachifaux.
Fill blender with as much ice as you'd like. Add one Via packet. I have the Tribute blend. Also really enjoy the caramel ones. Add in milk (I use skim) and a small splash of flavored cream, to make it sweet and smooth. Sometimes I add in a flavored syrup instead of the cream. Use what you have on hand.
Blend for 20 seconds or until ice is all crushed.
Viola! You now have a delicious, inexpensive, chilly beverage you can enjoy without too much guilt. And then I don't feel so bad when I spend nearly $5 for one at the coffee shop!


Jen on the Edge said...

That looks delish -- will be trying out the recipe tomorrow morning.

Nicole said...

oh yes, I must try this! Wish I had a fancy ice chopping blender. Maybe if I break my magic bullet I'll 'have' to get one.