Tuesday, June 14, 2011

weekend review

Every year come June, we are so busy that I can't think straight. And then I put it aside and forget about it until the next June, when I'm dumbstruck by all the stuff going on. How does it sneak up on me?
This weekend was a busy one: 5 soccer games and a graduation party.
Friday: Evan had a 7pm game in Fenton, which is an hour drive. Traffic was heinous. We left at 5:15 and almost didn't get there in time. The fields were terrible, it was cold and damp, and they lost 1-0. We got home after 9:00 and after a quick shower jumped back in the car to go to the graduation party of Sydney, the daughter of one of my BFF's and my kids' lifelong friend. I can't believe she is graduating from high school. Impossible. We didn't stay very long, since we got there so late and because we had games the next day.
terrible photo. Next time I will bring my camera!
The kids' games were early and at the same time, so Bart went with Evan & I went with Emma. His team lost, her team won. Evan came home from the game with a fever and slept the entire rest of the day. Very odd...this has only happened less than a handful of times. He was well enough to play his final game on Sunday, which they won. Thanks to Coach Eric for all the good advice and instruction over the past 18 months.
Emma's final game of the season was Sunday night. During the game she began to feel sick as well, so decided to play goalie. She may have though she was going to get a break, but the opposing team did not take it easy on her. She stopped between 20-25 shots and only let in 2. This is the same kid who a few years ago hid underneath my chair bawling her eyes out when her coach asked her to play in goal. She was a rockstar! Thanks to Coach Tim (who is the best and most entertaining part of any soccer game) for helping Emma to improve so dramatically this year.
The rest of this week brings 2 Celebrations of Success, 4 open trainings, soccer tryouts, and the last day of school. Here's to next week!

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