Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bunco GNO

Friday was an awesome day.
After spending the afternoon hanging out with my high school BFF Lisa
(we power shopped and went to see Black Swan-so awesome!),
I met 4 of my Bunco friends for dinner at On the Border.
Unfortunately, 3 members of our group couldn't make it, but we had a great time all the same. We got there early enough to enjoy happy hour (yeah Maragritas!) and had a few hours of laughs and conversation.
Judy & I wearing our crowns. Aren't we divine?
Kirstie, Brenda & Karen
Judy loves to dangle things from her glasses :)
Kirstie, Brenda & Karen again
The whole lot of us.

Kirstie brought Christmas crackers for everyone; only Brenda & I knew what they were. They are an Brittish tradition (Kirstie's Brittish), so it was really fun to share it with all of us. At least 4 people asked us what we were celebrating and where did we get the crowns. We were the talk of the restaurant.
I had some big fun girls!

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Erica said...

If anyone deserves a fun night out, it's you! Glad you had fun!