Friday, February 19, 2010

{fashion} tragedy strikes!

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful and insightful comments yesterday! Having the benefit of time and a little space, things don't look so grim right now. Bart & I will talk with Emma over the weekend about any further proceedings. It's good to have a few options. I love the internets.
Now, on to my tragedy!
Yesterday I had to throw away my favorite pair of jeans.
My one pair of ultra comfy, perfectly broken in denim began disintegrating after their last washing, and even though I milked it for a week, the time had come to throw them away or risk showing my underpants to anyone who looked at my booty. I was going to try and milk it further by patching the biggest spot, but it was obvious to me that it would quickly become a losing games and I was just better off accepting the inevitable, however tragic.
For every one of you out there who loves to shop for clothing, there is one of us at home who would rather stick hot pokers into her flesh than step foot into a store and actually try on clothes. I am one of the later. I hate shopping for myself. Of course, that stems mostly from the fact that I am in denial about how fat I have become, that it's so much easier to lay the blame on the clothing.
They weren't even a particularily flattering pair of jeans. I always had to hike them up 50 times a day. But I loved them. Now I have to try and find a replacement.
And AND to top it off, my body has been falling apart (even worse than normal) this week. I haven't been able to smell or taste for the last 2 days. My skin is beginning to resemble a crocodile in July. My scalp is extra extra dry, and I pulled out 2 more really long, coarse white hairs. White hairs, people! Like I went from 41 to 51 overnight. I know you would assume that they would blend in with my blond hair and be unnoticeable, but you would be wrong wrong wrong. They are coarse and kinky and don't lay flat with the rest of my hair.
Growing older is not for sissies!
Have a great weekend!

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Jen on the Edge said...

My favorite khaki crops started falling apart last summer, yet I continued to wear them, even though I risked have a big rip-out with the wrong move. What can I say? I walk on the wild side, baby.