Tuesday, September 22, 2009

weekend recap

Hi, and happy first day of Autumn!
Our weekend was a blur of activity that usually requires a day or two of recovery. I expect the cycle to continue until the end of November. Scratch that. Probably more like January. Sigh.

A short pictoral of our weekend:
Evan & Aunt Roberta after the Michigan game. UofM won, he had a fantastic time, and talked Aunt Ro's ear off. He is the good luck charm for team's this weekend-every game he attend the home team won.
Friday was Em's big 12th birthday. Celebrations were very low key this year. In fact, this is the only photo I took (in part cuz I was busy, in part cuz she won't let me) She & I had her favorite dinner on Friday night (Noodles & Company), ate Ben & jerry's ice cream and watched Princess Protection Program. Cute girly movie. She fell asleep before the boys were home from the hockey game. She opened our gifts on Saturday morning,and her friend Kailey came to sleepover Sat. nite. Extremely low key. we had our family celebration on Sunday after Ev's football game. Another great haul, giftwise.
Saturday her team played a great game out in Brighton. The final score was 2-2, but they played really well. We brought Costco cupcakes for the team. If you haven't ever tried the Costco cupcakes, you should. Each one is the size of a softball.
I love the look of determination on her face in the first photo. She also got her first injury of the year when she took a kick to the knee. The girl dragged her cleat down Em's leg, and she has a huge black bruise.

Sunday was all about football. First home game of the season. First game I was able to attend.
singing the national anthem

GO Evan! He still is a bit scattered out on the field. His blocking is pretty good, but the tackling needs some work. Twice he dove at an opposing player and twice he got a faceful of turf. He needs to hold on and not let go!
I thought maybe he was going to go out and punt, but apparently he was just goofing around. Which is totally frowned upon, and I don't know why he didn't get his patootie kicked.
Here he is making an awesome play so the quarterback can run the ball. Oops, I think he got a penalty, however. Looks good on camera though! The Stallions won 33-28 in a last quarter nail biter.

The family party was a good time, but I've figured out how these things could be better. All the prep work we do, all the cooking and cleaning and shopping, that stuff is easy enough. What I would really like is if someone came in and did all the cleanup. All of it. That way, I could just sit back and enjoy the company, the conversations. Instead, I'm stuck washing a bajillion dishes and being resentful that I am missing all the good stuff. It's also when we're at our most exhausted, and more likely to snap at each other (ask me how I know). Party clean up. There's my million dollar idea. Who wouldn't love that?

This weekend will bring more of the same. Em has a game Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Evan's football game is on Saturday this week, and he has a soccer festival on Sunday. Needless to say, we will be split into groups all weekend.
And this, in a nutshell, is why I love Monday so much.
Be good!

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Jen on the Edge said...

What a great weekend.

The photo of Emma on her birthday is cute -- Grace would love that scarf she's wearing, which is my girl's new fashion fascination.