Sunday, November 6, 2011

five good things: October 2011

Ack! Once again November has snuck up on me. A whole week flew by and I'm staring at the second week of November. Seriously? STOP MOVING SO FAST!
And I haven't felt like posting anything in forever, so now I have tons of things circling thru my mind that I will never get around to saying.
So here is my list of 5 good things from October!

1. The end of the soccer season. This is not actually true. Practices started right back up this week. However, I no longer am driving to Canton a few times a week, nor are there any regular games scheduled for either kid. Evan's team is playing futsal, while Emma's team is not doing anything as of this moment. She will be training and conditioning for high school tryouts over the winter. I suddenly have free time again!

2. My Chiropractor. 2 weeks ago, Sunday morning, I woke up fine. An hour later, after vegging on the couch reading, I was unable to move my legs. Monday morning was no better, so I called a local chiropractor to see if I could get an adjustment. They took tons of X-rays, which showed all sorts of painful things going on in my body.
Luckily I am able to reverse many of them and eliminate my pain. I love this doctor. I should have gone years ago, with all the headaches and neck pain I have. I am a believer!

3. Lunch with friends! I was lucky enough to find time to meet up with three friends this month...Lisa, Judy & Kirsty. I want to try to meet up with someone every week this month, if I can.

4. Emma made the Freshman Select Choir. She was very nervous and didn't think she stood a chance, but was chosen over many girls with vocal training and who perform other places. We couldn't be prouder of her, and can't wait to attend her first concert!

5. October TV. It's no secret that I love TV. It's a big part of our lives. Two of my very favorite shows returned this month, Dexter and The Walking Dead. And just in case you weren't clear that we like freaky tv shows, we've added in American Horror Story, which is the weirdest of them all! Sooooo good it's scary. Disturbing. I love it.

6. Michigan State besting U of M. Again. Enough said :)

7. Fall splendor. October was a gorgeous month, with lots of warm days and cool nights. Fall is my favorite season...I just wish it would last a little longer. This October has probably been the best weather wise in many years. Almost makes the onslaught of winter tolerable. Almost.

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