Tuesday, July 19, 2011

on my iPhone: July 2011

I love having a good quality camera at the ready, when I don't feel like carrying around my digital. The camera on my iPhone is worth the price alone, and there are so many cool apps you can add to it.
Here are 10 shots from July 2011, in no particular order.
4 man splashdown. Matt, Luke, Bart & Evan. I don't know what was trickier; trying to avoid the sun flare or trying to avoid getting wet.
Max having a snack poolside.
Lola and her funny sit. Bunny ears optional.
Me, zombified.
Bart & Emma in Chicago.
Lola under someone's bed. I didn't take this picture. I just found it on my phone.
Chicago, as seen from my Segway.
Evan & Luke by the pool. I turned them into bubble faces, and they look awesome.
In my pond today.
Driving with my girl.

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