Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hello September, I have missed you!

So somehow it's the 7th of September already and the first day of school. Yeah for school! Yeah for routines and schedules and having something to do on weekdays other than bug mom! This year the kids are back at the same school again-6th & 8th grades. Both had a good first day. Both brought several pieces of 'homework' for me to do. And even though they were fighting like cats and dogs yesterday, last night found them the best of friends, and Emma helping him pick out his first day of school outfit.
And there you have it. It's all good.
We had a really nice Labor Day weekend, with lots of relaxing, laughing with the cousins, staying up late and spending time together. The next two weeks will be really busy: in addition to all the usual day to day stuff, we have a tournament in Petoskey (Emma), a tournament in Dublin Ohio (Evan), and one 13th birthday. I'm not prepared for any of it!
Happy fall!

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Jen on the Edge said...

So did you do a happy dance this morning after the bus picked up the kids? :-)